CBORD Solutions for Healthcare Facilities 200 Beds and Under

Cashless Solutions

CBORDís cashless card solutions
Increase retail sales. CBORD's cashless systems provide everything you need, including payroll deduction, declining balance, gift card programs, and more!

Nutrition Service Solutions

CBORD solutions for nutrition services
Nutrition service solutions give your facility the tools needed to support both patient dietary and clinical nutrition services. Whether you’re looking for clinically based hospital room service, enhanced bedside service, fully automated tray ticket management, production tallies, easily constructed menu cycles, advanced nutritional screening and assessment, or intake analysis/calorie counts, Nutrition Service Suite® has powerful tools to support today’s complex healthcare facilities.

Food Service Solutions

CBORD solutions for food service software
CBORD’s food service solutions give operators the tools they need to manage increasingly complex operations. By simplifying and optimizing menu planning and nutritional analysis, production management and distribution, purchasing, and inventory control, operators can save money on food costs, reduce waste, and improve productivity.

Room Service Solutions

CBORD solutions for healthcare room service
Room service is rapidly becoming the standard service method in healthcare facilities across the nation. Enhance the patient experience with CBORD's Room Service Choice 200. This On-Demand system supports staff-assisted entry of patient and guest meal selections at bedside or in a call center for on-demand room service. Room Service Choice 200 is specifically designed for acute-care facilities with 200 beds or fewer.

Retail Management Software

CBORD Retail Management Solutions for Healthcare
Retail management solutions from CBORD provide you with all the tools needed to manage any number of retail operations within your hospital. The retail marketplace in hospitals is growing and retail stores are providing patients and employees with ever-increasing product choices. For many hospitals, retail business is an important revenue generator, as well as a way to improve patient and employee satisfaction. With automation from CBORD, hospitals can manage anything from a single gift shop up to multiple sites and large regional operations. As your retail business grows, you need real-time information to manage inventory and sales. CBORD's retail solutions give you what you need to maximize revenue.

Online and Kiosk-based Ordering Solutions

CBORD solutions for healthcare online and kiosk-based ordering
Satisfy the changing needs of your employees and guests while maintaining efficient and cost-effective operations with online and hospital kiosk–based food ordering solutions from CBORD. You can improve service quality, increase the efficiency of order delivery, and boost the average check with our powerful Internet-based applications. Best of all, Webfood® can integrate with your existing CBORD cashless system to give patrons a fast, convenient payment option, as well as with MICROS POS terminals for PCI-compliant payment, product movement reporting, and automated menu management.

Integrated Security Solutions

CBORD solutions for facility-wide, integrated security
Decrease theft at the point of sale, monitor and control access to highly sensitive areas such as the pediatric unit, and improve overall security at your facility with CBORD's Integrated Security Solutions (ISS) for healthcare sites just like yours!

Catering Solutions

CBORD solutions for Catering Software
CBORD’s catering software helps simplify all aspects of catering, meeting space, and event management. Utilize support for sales and order taking, setup and operations, billing and finance, and production lists. Integration with CBORD’s Foodservice Suite® provides full back-of-the-house capabilities, including production, purchasing, inventory, and more. Extend these capabilities with our Internet-based application—allowing your customers to make their own reservations for meeting space and food and beverage service.